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Periodontal Ozone Therapy


Periodontal & gum therapy using Ozone:
"Bleeding gums means you have an infection, with flesh-eating bacteria and their poisons eating their way under your skin, getting into your blood stream and possibly damaging your heart, brain, lungs, blood vessels, and bones (and if pregnant, your baby). Would that worry you?

Periodontal disease, better known as "gum disease" has gotten a lot of attention in the past decade showing its direct correlation with full body systemic disease. It is the most UNDIAGNOSED disease, and the number ONE cause of lawsuits in dentistry, as over 70% of patients have a missed diagnosis of gum disease. In addition, few dentists and dental hygienists take the time to explain the cause and effect relationship between the toxic bacteria that can be harbored in our mouths and the overall effect it can have on our health.

In each of us, it is normal to have between 250-500 species of bacteria in our mouths at anytime. Most of these are not harmful; however, many individuals harbor toxic and aggressive bacteria, either due to genetics, their environment, or innoculation from anther individual. Think of a splinter embedded under your skin. If you can't remove it right away, the body starts an inflammatory process to defend itself from this foreign object. The skin around the sliver festers up with puss and inflammation until it expels the object from the body. The same phenomenon happens around dirty teeth. Remember, if the gums bleed, then the BACTERIA IS ENTERING THE BLOODSTREAM! Other than regular dental visits and good oral hygiene, what can an individual with aggressive bacteria do to keep the infection at bay?

Ozone, as mentioned before, can kill all bacteria, viruses, spirochetes, amoebas, fungi and even prions. Deep inside of the periodontal (gum) pockets, ozone can penetrate to kill these aggressive bugs, which do not respond well to conventional periodontal treatment. How does the dentist and dental hygienist use ozone for routine dental cleanings and deep cleanings?

• Routine use of ozonated water as a pretreatment patient rinse to disinfect their oral cavity
• In patient care, ozone is utilized in two forms: (1) ozonated water and (2) pure oxygen/ozone gas. Using these two agents in combination allows the Dentist to treat all oral infections using only oxygen and water!
• In Periodontics, ozone gas is used to reach and penetrate areas such as: carious dentin, dentinal tubules, and periodontal pockets where no other antibiotic or disinfectant can reach.
• Decontamination of the mouth and gums is possible because the infection/inflammation is positively charged (acidic) and ozone is negatively charged. (basic) Therefore, the chemistry of the infection and/or inflammation attracts the ozone to the area.

Ozone use in routine Hygiene Appointments and Periodontal Therapy----Protect Patients and Staff
a. Patient uses ozonated water as a pretreatment rinse
b. Ozonated water is used in the unit water supply bottles
c. Ozonated water is used in the Ultrasonic unit water reservoirs
d. Ozonated water is used to irrigate periodontal pockets
e. Ozone GAS is used to insufflate ( blow gas into) the periodontal pockets
f. Ozone Custom Trays are used for total saturation (microbaric therapy) of all periodontal tissues AND carious lesions, precarious areas, occlusal grooves, interproximal areas and margins of existing restorations. This can prevent caries and aid in recalcification of areas that have minimally invasive caries
Additional therapies:
• Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) - removes calcified tartar and calculus around the gum line.
• Anti-microbial Rinses – kills bacteria and creates anunfriendly environment for bacteria.
• Laser Therapy - a non-surgical – removes diseased gum tissue, endotoxins and bacteria, and repairs gum pockets.
• Accelerated Home Care – daily support of health with antimicrobial rinses and pastes and new hygiene techniques.
• Nutritional Therapy – provides important ingredients to repair connective tissue, lower inflammation, and support health




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