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Patient Testimonials

My name is Kristina and I am a patient of Dr. Nicole Vane. The care I have received as a patient of Dr. Vane has been remarkable. I met Dr. Vane when I was still in braces. I was concerned with the care I had been receiving from my current (at the time) orthodontist out in town, and was looking for a dentist to deliver 8 veneers on my teeth once my braces were removed. Dr. Vane took a quick interest in me and my case and went above and beyond by reaching out to my orthodontist, to ensure I received the care that every patient deserves. Today, with hindsight, I know for a fact that if Dr. Vane had not stepped in on my behalf I would have wasted 2 years in braces and thousands of dollars, as my orthodontist was not delivering quality care. Several months after meeting Dr. Vane, my braces were removed and I sought her out to do my afterwork.

At this time, she had relocated to the Plaza location. When she walked in the room, before she had even seen my face (obviously remembering me from my chart) she greeted me with great joy and told me she was so glad to see me back in her chair. From there, things progressed quickly, and as I type this comment card, I do so with 8 of the most realistic, absolutely beautiful crown veneers anyone has every seen! The entire process, with the help of the outstanding office staff, Jewel at the front desk and Marilyn (like Monroe, that's what she says when she tells you her name), was easy and to my great pleasure, enjoyable! I am the wife of a Gunnery Sergeant and have been to many dentists in our 15 years as a Marine family. I have never, EVER had a dentist come close to comparing to Dr. Vane. It is common place around base to hear people complain about the health and dental care that families receive, yet, in the case of Dr. Vane, it is the complete opposite; people are seeking her out! Spouses WANT to book with Dr. Vane! I have had 4 of my friends alone who, since hearing my story and seeing Dr. Vane's finished product in my veneers, have begun to or plan to soon begin seeing her. The clearest way I can put this to you is: Dr. Vane is the Jewel of Camp Pendleton. We feel like we have hit the jackpot having her all to ourselves here on base!! She is in touch with what people want, she is professional while personable, she listens, and she has an eye for cosmetics!

Next month, my family will be leaving Camp Pendleton and heading east to Quantico for our next duty station adventure. I simply could not leave here without telling you how Dr. Vane has impacted my life; she literally changed my life. And the best part is, when I laugh, I do so with confidence, without covering my mouth to hide my teeth! In fact, I laugh even bigger and louder now just to show these puppies off!! I am so grateful for the work she did on my mouth and my life! Absolutely life changing!!
Kristina, San Diego, CA


I've been in the Dr. Vane's office every day this week doing some extensive repair work.  I've had numerous cavities filled by Navy dentists with lots of pain and judgement throughout the years.  It has actually been a PLEASURE to go "under the drill" of Dr. Nicole Vane this past week and her awesome assistant Alana.  Never a moment of discomfort and she is truly the Van Gogh of dentistry in San Diego.  I only wish my Navy dentist could develop her sense of patient care, enthusiasm, and artistry in the dental arts.  I am definitely seeking consultation from her for future dental work that I would like to get done!  Awesome job, Dr. Nicole Vane!
Brandon K., San Diego, CA


Please allow me this email - to express my sincere - Thank You to all your staff - most especially Dr. Vane!
I've been in need of Extensive Dental Surgery, Extractions, and a series of procedures that most would find far too extensive& you have always been there for me - providing solutions - even at a moments notice- when all others have failed me many times !
I've tried relentlessly (in vain) to get my employer to realize that I have been in need of Emergency Dental Surgery and Care and they repeatedly have ignored my severe pain, discomfort, and Emergency status for a very, very long time now...expecting me to work 48 hour + work weeks even though your consultation showed that should be in your office almost daily...
Most recently, please thank Dr. Vane for her concern regarding the fact that these severe dental issues were causing my blood pressure to rise to levels which may cause serious emergency medical complications - and were putting my health at a serious risk, as this may have caused me cardiovascular damage due to the extensive and long term effects of my blood pressure being far too elevated - caused clearly by the extensive dental decay !
This had been happening - for far, far, too many months...
Attached  - Please find the latest treatment dates, and the applicable issues - which I look forward to solving soon, as my Monday 8/15/11  appointment will continue...and looking forward to the next 5 treatments also, to work toward a long-term solution !

Thanks once again - for your time.
James "Jim" Boyd

I've been going to Dr. Vane since I first moved from the east coast. I was referred to Dr. Vane. I went to her for Invisaligns and she was really meticulous and wanted everything to be perfect.

I also needed to have a couple fillings replaced and I dreaded getting those done. Dr. Vane was awesome. She made sure I was relaxed and comfortable and everything went well. It's an extra bonus that she's super nice & personable too. (y'know not like other dentists that either treat you like a number or are really grumpy and don't bother talking to you.) I won't go anywhere else and I recommend her to everyone I know.
Mike A. Del Mar, CA
Dr. Vane is a great dentist. I could not be more pleased with how I was treated!!
Marc P. Del Mar, CA
'Before seeing Dr. Vane I was terrified of the dentist, especially the drill. Dr. Vane's treament was flawless and I was very relaxed after the first couple of minutes. Dr.Vane was able to address dental problems that I wasn't even aware of! She really knows her stuff. I am no longer terrified to go see the dentist, at least Dr. Vane. She has me as a patient for life!"
Patrick W. La Jolla, CA
I have been going to Dr. Vane for about a year now and I can't see myself going anywhere else. The staff is super attentive and made me feel comfortable in the chair (they have TVs!). My dentist Dr. Vane is amazing; she did all my fillings quick and easily. I'm really picky about even the tiniest high spots on my fillings, and Dr. Vane made them literally perfect. I also got invisalign and I'm seriously shocked at how much my bottom snaggle tooth has moved. My teeth have been crooked on the bottom my whole life! I'm super excited about my straight teeth now!! Dr. Vane is just a no-brainer-it's right off the freeway and everyone there is very nice.
Bri J. Encinitas, CA
Dr. Vane is the best dentist I have ever had.  I started going to her because I wanted to replace my old mercury filings and the dentist that I had had for twenty years said I would need a crown on each of the teeth to be treated.  He had said my teeth would crumble as the old fillings were removed.   In fact, he would no longer keep me as a patient unless I followed this expensive  treatment plan.

Dr. Vane was confident that she could replace the filings without using crowns. I saved a lot of money by going to Dr. Vane and my teeth look and feel great.  Dr. Vane has a calming presence and explains the procedures to you.   Dr. Vane is a perfectionist and I can tell she takes her time so that I am perfectly satisfied.  

I can tell that Dr. Vane is passionate about dentistry.  She created a night guard for me that  is comfortable and keeps me from clenching my teeth.  If I needed my teeth straightened, I would get Invisalign braces from her.
Marle V. San Diego, CA
After seeing 4 different dentists over 3 years, I'm happy to say I've found a dentist for life! Dr. Vane is professional, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and highly skilled. She turned my crooked teeth straight with an express invisalign treatment plan, my teeth were perfectly straight and white within 6 months, just in time for my wedding. Needless to say, Dr. Vane has been my dentist for over 7 years, I recommend my friends and family members to her religiously.
John P. Encinitas, CA
Being new to the area, I was skeptical at best of finding an honest dentist who would provide the quality of care I was used to receiving. I blindly selected a few dentists to visit and became very suspicious of their practice and motives. Thankfully I received a personal reference from a co-worker to visit Dr. Vane, and in doing so found out that I didn’t need any of the dental work the other dentists recommended. I feel completely safe and comfortable with Dr. Vane, and am very impressed with her expertise and office staff. It’s no lie when I say I’m looking forward to my next appointment in June!
Eric, Pacific Beach
, CA
Before seeing Dr. Vane I was terrified of the dentist, especially the drill. Dr. Vane's treament was flawless and I was very relaxed after the first couple of minutes. Dr.Vane was able to address dental problems that I wasn't even aware of! She really knows her stuff. I am no longer terrified to go see the dentist, at least Dr. Vane. She has me as a patient for life!
Patrick, La Jolla, CA
I had just moved to San Diego and needed a dentist. Having been with my previous dentist for 10 years and completely trusting him, I was quite meticulous about finding a new doctor. I decided to see Dr. Vane who was highly recommended by a co-worker and couldn't be happier by my decision. I found her to be very gentle and thorough when it came to performing surgery. She does a great job at sensing how her patients feel and will put you at ease immediately. Definitely a fantastic dentist who's passionate about her work!
Margaux, Pacific Beach, CA
Dr. Vane provided a treatment plan that was within my budget. She explained several treatment options, keeping in mind that I was concerned about the cost. Her honesty is greatly appreciated and my teeth look great. She's the best San Diego dentist in my opionion.
Keith, UTC, CA


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San Diego Dentist Dr. Nicole Vane provides Invisalign braces at competitive prices.
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Case of the month
Each month, Dr. Vane posts her favorite case, from simple cosmetic procedures to smile makeovers.
Case of the month
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Each month Dr. Vane posts a new dental case, from simple cosmetic procedures to smile makeovers.

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