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Why should I have my mercury removed?


Why should I have my mercury silver fillings removed? What you may not know:
1. Mercury fillings can break teeth
2. Mercury is a known neurotoxin
3. Mercury is constantly being released/evaporates off of our fillings when we chew. This vapor is easily absorbed by our body. It can cross the blood brain barrier and go straight to the brain.
4. Many people can not excrete the mercury from their systems, leading to a toxic overload in many tissues, causing a long list of symptoms
5. Mercury fillings can react with other metals in your mouth, creating a current that can cause damage to your organ systems.

Do you have those old black fillings in your teeth? Did you know that the mercury fillings expand over time and make teeth weak and they break teeth? Silver mercury fillings expand and contract with chewing and temperature much differently than the flexible enamel that surrounds them. Overtime, this leads to fractures in the enamel. These fractures can then extend deeper into the tooth, leading to pain to biting and temperature, crowns, root canals or the complete fracture of the tooth, leading to extraction. It is important to have these fillings removed early, and replaced with a strong bonded resin or porcelain, before they cause damage to your enamel or fracture your root.

Replaced mercury filling with white resin fillings
San Diego Dentist
San Diego Dentist
Before: teeth filled with mercury fillings that can expand and contract and overtime break teeth
After: immediate replacement with resin fillings


Overtime, much like a new shiny penny that can corrode and turn dark, a silver filling will start to corrode in your mouth rapidly, and start to release mercury. Silver fillings are made form a mixture of silver, tin copper, mercury, and a trace of zinc. Every time you drink hot liquids, or chew food, small amounts of mercury are being released into your body. The danger is the mercury is cumulative, in the body, and that its buildup in the tissue can cause irreversible effects in some individuals.Mercury toxicity can manifest in many ways. The list of possible related symptoms effects many organs systems in the body. It can include everything from slow cognition/ brain fog to digestive issues to cardiac symptoms. We all should have the ability to excrete mercury through our urine, or hair. Some individuals can not properly clear this toxin, and over time its accumulation can lead to lasting and destructive effects.

Mercury fillings can also react with other metal in your mouth, such as gold crowns or metal crowns with porcelain baked over them. This can create an electro-galvanic current, which in many individuals can cause a disruption in their organ systems. This can manifest as a variety of symptoms. Much like acupuncture which involves treating disruptions in nerve meridians within your body, mercury/metals can cause disruptions that can only be repaired with proper removal.

Not all dentists are qualified to remove mercury safely. Dr. Vane underwent comprehensive and extensive training by holistic dentist Dr. Grant Layton, who practiced this method for over 30 years. If the mercury is not properly removed by a trained dentist, often the patient will swallow mercury and inhale its vapor at an effect of 100 times that if it was left alone. A properly trained dentist places a non latex rubberdam as a protective sheath over the tooth, preventing swallowing. In addition, high volume suction and a mercury vapor vacuum system MUST be used in order to prevent exposure to the mercury vapor during the removal process. Over 95% of dental offices do not have the equipment necessary for proper mercury fillings removal.

In some individuals, an additional test, called a Clifford test, is needed to test for mercury binding and toxicity, as well as testing for other metal toxicities. Dr. Vane works closely with a naturopathic doctors as well as doctors of osteopathy who can assist in the proper removal. At times these doctors will recommend additional chelation therapy in order to purge the mercury entirely from the system.

Today, it is no longer enough for a dentist who is both amalgam-free and mercury-safe to just promote his or her practice as mercury-free. Why? Recently, a survey showed that 52% of general dentists no longer use amalgam and now call themselves mercury-free. However, this is a misnomer, as many dentists will use this term simply because they no longer believe that amalgam was as good of a filling material when compared to the newer composites and porcelain restorations.

Mercury- safe dentists have specialized equipment, training, experience, and skills necessary to minimize their patients' exposure to mercury during amalgam removal. The additional training from the IAOMT provides an education on mercury toxicity as well as the protocols for specialized removal. More and more patients are seeking dentists who will protect themselves and their patients from excessive and unnecessary exposure to mercury vapor and want to ensure their dentist is not just mercury- free - but also mercury safe! Dr. Vane has specialized training is safe mercury removal.

Unsafe removal of amalgam fillings can generate huge amounts of toxic mercury vapor, easily over 100 times more than the maximum levels allowed by all government regulatory agencies. A mercury- safe trained dentist understands that:
- when in safely removed, amalgam fillings release huge amounts of poisonous mercury vapor
- the mercury released from amalgam fillings during unsafe removal negatively affects themselves, the patient, the staff, and the environment
- patients absolutely need to be protected from exposure to toxic mercury vapor during the amalgam removal process.


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