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Dental Bridges and Implants
When one or more teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can drift out of position, which can lead to a change in the bite, the loss of additional teeth, decay and gum disease.

When tooth loss occurs, we may recommend the placement of a bridge or an implant. Designed to replace missing teeth and support surrounding teeth, a bridge is a grouping of interconnected crowns. Held in place by two crowns, a bridge can reduce the risk of gum disease, help correct bite issues and even improve speech. Dental bridges have come a long way, and now many metal-free porcelain options are availible, which are not only aesthetic, but also have strength that is greater than traditional porcelain to metal bridges. If performed by a well-trained cosmetic dentist, bridges are effective and durable and can last an excess of 10 years.
A dental implant is recommended when the loss of tooth structure on the teeth adjacent to the space is undesirable. An implant is a titanium post that is placed into the jaw, which will take the place of the missing roots of the teeth.  After a healing period, the implant is restored with a porcelain crown, which will replace the missing tooth structure.  A well placed implant can last a lifetime, and will not decay.  In addition, dental implants are the closest alternative to a natural tooth.
How is an implant placed?

When tooth loss occurs, Dr. Vane will refer you to a well trained periodontist or oral surgeon who will surgically place a titanium implant in the bone of the site of the missing tooth, and then following 4-6 months of healing, Dr. Vane can restore the implant with a crown to replace the tooth structure on the implant. This option, although more time intensive, will not involve the teeth on either side of the missing tooth, and may be a better option for you if you are concerned about the loss of tooth structure. In addiotn, patients no longer need to fear the term "surgery" regarding the placment of an implant.  Most studies show that the surgical placement of a dental implant is significantly less traumatic than tooth extraction itself, and also requires a much shorter and less painful healing time.

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Invisalign braces
in San Diego
San Diego Dentist Dr. Nicole Vane provides Invisalign braces at competitive prices.
Depending on the Invisalign program thatís right for you, patients have seen results within as little time as six months to one year. Results may vary but please contact us at (760) 632-0320  to set up a free consultation with Dr. Vane.
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Each month, Dr. Vane posts her favorite case, from simple cosmetic procedures to smile makeovers.

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