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San Diego Invisalign Dentist


If you are interested in Invisalign clear braces, ask Dr. Vane! Changing your smile can change your life. Simply wearing clear, invisible aligners can have dramatic results!! Dr. Vane uses Invisalign to change smiles, treating everything from easy to very difficult cases. Ask Dr. Vane for a free Invisalign consult, for affordable Invisalign braces in San Diego. Click to view the Invisalign page, which answers the most commonly asked questions about Invisalign braces.


Case of the Month


Stay tuned! Every month Dr. Vane posts before and after photos and details of her favorite cosmetic case she completed that month. Also visit the smile gallery to see other life-changing results! 

If you’re wanting that complete smile, San Diego dentist Dr. Nicole Vane offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry services including: teeth whitening, complete smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, dental bonding and white fillings that are sure to get you that Hollywood smile. Dr. Vane prides herself on her dedication to providing the best dental services by attending continuing dental education courses and specialized advanced courses such as The Hornbrook Group aesthetic dentistry training. Most recently, Dr. Vane completed the D.O.C.S. Certification in Deep Sedation.

Dental Customer Testimonials

While I know what DMD stands for, I cannot help but wonder if Nicole Vane got her degree at that other place which awards the Doctor of Magical Dentistry.

For about ten months now, her wizardry has transformed my smile. I am extremely cautious when picking any kind of health care provider. My job involves teaching many who will join these professions and I am happy to say Dr. Vane gets an A+!

Extremely bright, full of energy and skilled at her job, she was the dentist among many I saw in San Diego who offered the least invasive, pain-free route to a much improved smile.

I am approaching the end of my planned cosmetic dental work and I am going to have to find excuses to drop in on her. Yes, she is that charming and fun to talk to and full of insights into the latest dental techniques. They say people want to run away from their dentist? Not this one!

I could not recommend her more highly! :)
-Jay R., San Diego, CA

I got bonding done by you back in October, not sure if you remember me, anyway I'm still in San Diego. Iactually got married met someone after I got my teeth fixed, Im sure its because I looked so much better and had so much more confidence, everything is great and I'm really happy, I want to say thank you!
-Jenn, San Diego, CA

I've been in the Dr. Vane's office every day this week doing some extensive repair work.  I've had numerous cavities filled by Navy dentists with lots of pain and judgement throughout the years.  It has actually been a PLEASURE to go "under the drill" of Dr. Nicole Vane this past week and her awesome assistant Alana.  Never a moment of discomfort and she is truly the Van Gogh of dentistry in San Diego.  I only wish my Navy dentist could develop her sense of patient care, enthusiasm, and artistry in the dental arts.  I am definitely seeking consultation from her for future dental work that I would like to get done! Awesome job, Dr. Nicole Vane!
-Brandon K., San Diego, CA

I had a great experience with Dr. Vane, clean office , great staff. I had been unhappy with my smile for as long as I can remember. I went to Dr Vane for bonding,I had a gap between my 2 front teeth and my teeth were all different lengths, its a little pricey but worth the money, after 2 visits I now have a perfect smile. I have never been so happy and confident about my teeth. Dr Vane did a great job and is a perfectionist, I know she was dedicated to getting the best results possible. I had never heard about this treatment before but would definately recommend it. Thanks Dr. Vane!!!! :)
-Jen B., San Diego, CA

Dr. Vane is phenomenal - she has advanced training in her field and it shows in her meticulous attention to detail. Her passion for what she does shines through, and she made my visit 100% comfortable and even fun. Very highly recommended!
-Tammy F., San Diego, CA

Dr. Vane, You are incredible! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is life changing for me. I can't stop smiling :)
-Rochelle, San Diego, CA

I have been a customer of Dr. Vane for about a year now. I have had nothing but good work and positive people around me when i am there. I am getting invisalgin work done with Dr. Nicole Vane who is doing an outsanding job turning my teeth straight and as white as they can get. Besides the amazing work she does on teeth she also is willing to extend her professional relationship with you to get to know you to make you feel like your not at an interview and just a client but a friend. I highly reccomend Dr. Nicole Vane for any regular dentist work all the way up to cosmetic work!
-Tj E., Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA

I broke a tooth on a Friday morning, when everyone else is closed. To add to that, I don't like dentist trips in any way. I called the dentist that I've used the past 5 years, he would not get me in for 5 days. I knew Dr. Vane through a friend and called her office. Her office was so attentive and welcoming. Dr. Vane got me in the chair within 30 minutes of my call. Her calm, confident attitude gives the immediate feeling that you're in the best dental office possible. She had me pain free and fixed up within an hour. I needed a root canal on top of that and she was able to get me squeezed in to see a nearby specialist to get that done also, all on a rainy Friday afternoon. This has been hands down the best experience I have had with a dentist. Her entire office is top notch and really made me feel great, even with all of the pain and hesitations I had. I would recommend Dr. Vane to anyone.
-Sean K., San Diego, CA

Dr. Vane is an outstanding dentist. I am in the Military and thankfully got sent to this office, and I haven't been anywhere else since. Dr. Vane has done extensive work on my less-than-amazing teeth, and I couldn't be happier with her handiwork and her extremely personable and friendly manner. She always ensures I am comfortable and at ease, which is amazing as I have had severe dental phobia ever since I was a child.

Since going to Dr. Vane I have received a filling and three crowns, and they are all perfect. My teeth are starting to look normal again. I will be going to her for a cosmetic consult next month and I can't wait to post about how much I know she's going to improve my smile.

I can't reccommend her highly enough. The office staff as well are always polite and quick, not to mention flexible; as I am in the military they are constantly working with me and my schedule, even if it means a root canal at 5:30 pm when I can't get any other time off work.

Dr. Vane as well is an absolute gem of a dentist. He is always making jokes and putting me at ease, and he seems to genuinely care about fixing up my teeth. He's a wonder in a world of uncaring and disinterested physicians. Thanks again!
-Jessica T., Spring Valley, CA

I have been going to Dr. Vane for about a year now and I can't see myself going anywhere else. The staff is super attentive and made me feel comfortable in the chair (they have TVs!). My dentist Dr. Vane is amazing; she did all my fillings quick and easily. I'm really picky about even the tiniest high spots on my fillings, and Dr. Vane made them literally perfect. I also got invisalign and I'm seriously shocked at how much my bottom snaggle tooth has moved. My teeth have been crooked on the bottom my whole life! I'm super excited about my straight teeth now!! Dr. Vane is just a no-brainer-it's right off the freeway and everyone there is very nice.
-Bri J., Encinitas, CA

Dr. Vane is the best dentist I have ever had.  I started going to her because I wanted to replace my old mercury filings and the dentist that I had had for twenty years said I would need a crown on each of the teeth to be treated.  He had said my teeth would crumble as the old fillings were removed.   In fact, he would no longer keep me as a patient unless I followed this expensive  treatment plan.

Dr. Vane was confident that she could replace the filings without using crowns. I saved a lot of money by going to Dr. Vane and my teeth look and feel great.  Dr. Vane has a calming presence and explains the procedures to you.   Dr. Vane is a perfectionist and I can tell she takes her time so that I am perfectly satisfied.  

I can tell that Dr. Vane is passionate about dentistry.  She created a night guard for me that  is comfortable and keeps me from clenching my teeth.  If I needed my teeth straightened, I would get Invisalign braces from her.
-Marle V., San Diego, CA


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